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The Alliant Process

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Alliant Mergers & Acquisitions Group

Alliant was founded on the basis that flawless execution of advisory assignments means completing deals and exceeding our clients' expectations. Our partners have closed hundreds of transactions and bring this wealth of experience to the benefit of our clients' on each and every transaction. Each assignment is unique and receives partner level attention, resulting in strategic project management from the time we start an assignment until we successfully close the deal. Our team works to create a highly customized and disciplined process that maximizes confidentiality, minimizes disruption to the business and achieves the desired objectives.

Our mergers & acquisitions group typically works with companies that have annual revenues from 5 to 150 million dollars. Understanding our clients' business and objectives for price, timing and confidentiality allows us to create a unique target plan specific to the assignment. Our clients benefit from our deep industry knowledge and existing relationships. We have a deep roster of well funded strategic industry and financial private buyers. Our team meets with these firms on a regular basis and this allows us to have intensive knowledge of the company size, industry and other criteria that these buyers are currently seeking. Putting this full arsenal of professional resources, knowledge and energy to work on behalf of each client assignment typically results in multiple offers for our clients.

Alliant understands that selling a private closely held company is one of the biggest events in our clients' lifetime and we are sensitive to total implications involved. Our partners have owned and acquired companies in manufacturing, retailing, petroleum, media, business services, commodities and agribusiness sectors. This personal experience from an acquiring and ownership perspective adds to the total value proposition that our clients' receive from our firm. Our mandate is to complete the client assignment and accomplish this result while never sacrificing our integrity.