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The Alliant Process

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Sell Your Business

The decision to sell your business is one of the most important financial transactions you'll ever undertake. The delicate and specialized nature of selling a business requires that the transaction be completed within a framework of discipline and confidentiality. The Alliant Process allows our professional intermediaries to work with every client, as advocates providing a comprehensive consultative approach to each and every business transaction.

Over the past few years, our intermediaries have facilitated the sale of businesses in manufacturing, oil distribution, food distribution, commercial contracting, restaurants, retail, medical transcription, service industries, national franchises, and many other areas of interest to our qualified buyers.

Beginning with our consulting expertise in valuing your business, we CONFIDENTIALLY bring your business to market, and advertise nationally to the largest audience of buyers that include high net worth individuals, strategic buyers, and private equity groups. Our Process promotes your business with as little disruption as possible to your daily operation.

Business Valuations

Most business owners know the value of their home and their automobiles but have no idea about the value of their most important asset...their business. The intermediaries at Alliant have the expertise and the tools to determine the value of your business. Our experience and industry knowledge will assure that you will realize the maximum market value for your business. As part of our service to business owners, we provide a "broker prepared" professional valuation of the business, utilizing information provided by the business owner and other industry data and software tools.